Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Newness of Life

My first experience with this blogging site:
Everything I write gets deleted when I try to edit it.

This annoys me greatly.

But I digress.
In an effort to update myself on the goings-on of my dear friend Stephanie Green, and the happenings down south, I came upon this website, and before I know it-


I have a blog.

The Internet, and humanity, works in mysterious ways.

Stephanie is working to organize relief efforts for hurricane Katrina victims in her new home of Austin, Texas. She's had unfortunate trouble in the way of the Red Cross being uncooperative for those that want to help. I feel that people should know this.

My mom told me today that she's signed up to volunteer as a nurse, which is a field in which she currently works. Her hospital, in Henderson, Nevada, has agreed to pay her and other nurses' wages if they agree to sign up for a period. I believe the maximum is two weeks, but that may be a mandate that's hospital specific. I'm very proud of her, and wish that I could go along, despite my inability to deal with other peoples' physical injuries.

If you'd like to know more about how to help out, and my amazing friend, Stephanie Green, or if you'd simply like to have conversation-filler for when you're standing in an elevator with someone you feel like you need to talk to but don't really want to know, or if you'd like to have discussions about the unfortunate aspects of life with friends and family without actually doing anything to alter them, then check out the following website/blog. If you feel there's nothing you can do to help right now, then pass the info along to someone that might, or to someone that might know someone that might.


More on me and my goings-on later.


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